Community Easter Egg Hunt at Strawberry Acres

The annual community egg hunt will be Saturday, March 31, at Strawberry Acres Park. Every year hundreds of children from the Holland/Springfield area enjoy searching for thousands of plastic eggs stuffed with candy.  There is also free food for everyone. Events will begin at noon. You can park anywhere throughout the park, along Clarion, at the community building, or the Strawberry Acres Lodge.

Holy Week Services

Regular Wednesday evening services will take place on March 28.

There will be a Good Friday Service at 7PM on March 30.  Communion will be served.  This is a service of scripture, music, prayer and reflection.

An Easter Sunrise service will take place at the church on Sunday, April 1, at 7AM on the west lawn.  Dress for cold weather.  A free breakfast will follow.

The main Easter Worship service is at 10:40AM in the main sanctuary.

Grief Share

Do your know someone who has recently lost a loved one? Let them know about the Grief Share program hosted by HFM. visit for more information.

Winter Weather Procedure

If there is severe winter weather in the area on a Sunday morning, the church will remain open unless there is a level three snow emergency and the roads have been closed.  However:

  1. If you have a responibility at the church, and you feel unsafe traveling due to the weather, do not risk coming out.  Those who are here will manage without you.  We do not want anyone taking unnecessary risks to be here.
  2. If there has been recent heavy snowfall or ice, it is possible that the parking lot may not yet be fully cleared. Be mindful of this if you have difficulty on snow and/or ice.  We will do all that we can to make sure the lot is plowed and salted as quickly as possible.

If there is severe winter weather in the area on a Wednesday, the church programs will generally follow what Springfield Schools are doing for that day.  If Springfield Schools have closed, then services at the church will likely be canceled that evening.  If the weather is okay in the morning, but turns bad later in the day, forcing the cancelation of services, we will attempt to spread the word through the contacts available in the Kidcheck program.

Thank you!

Welcome To Holland Free Methodist Church

Welcome, We encourage you to come and join us for fellowship and worship every Sunday morning!

Our Sunday morning classes begin at 9:30 a.m.
We have classes for  * preschool through adults.
A caring nursery for infants is also available.

The Sunday morning worship service begins at 10:40 a.m.

The parking and entrance is in the back.
Greeters are at the door and are happy to help you find the
classes you are looking for.

For other times of ministry or events please click on the ministry tab and calendar tabs above and explore our programs.

*We value our children and their security and have initiated the Kid Check service to ensure their safe keeping and easy communication with the parents.


Christian Life Club

The Christian Life Club for children ages pre-kindergarten through sixth grade begins on Wednesday, September 7th, from 7PM to 8:30PM. Children from all over the community will be coming to learn the Bible through fun activities and service opportunities. The program will begin on September 7th with an ice cream social.

Bible Study Opportunities

There are many opportunities to study the Bible in small groups throughout the week.  There is a men’s study each Sunday morning at 7:30 AM. A young adult group meets on Sunday evenings, and a seniors study meets every other Tuesday morning. For more information about meeting places and details please contact the church office.