Online Giving

Online Giving

Where does my gift go when I give to the Holland Free Methodist Church in 2021?

Our 2021 budget is almost $344,000. Every single dollar that comes into the church is lovingly prayed for and distributed back to our ministries. We are a legitimate religious organization recognized under the IRS 501 (c)(3) and all donations are tax exempt.

During 2021, we anticipate about 75% to stay local right here in Holland, Ohio, USA and the surrounding communities.

Some key local ministries include:

  • Biblical Counseling Ministries of Toledo
  • Cherry Street Mission
  • Children’s Outreach Ministries
  • Keep Watch Prayer
  • Mosaic Ministries
  • Proclaim FM
  • The Daughter Project
  • The Pregnancy Center of Toledo
  • Water for Ishmael

The remaining 25% will help found our world missions focus. These internation support programs are critical lifelines to those who receive support. The stories that are told through these programs, and the volunteers that run them, are amazing and impactful. These programs include:

  • Budapest Ministry Center
  • Free Methodist World Ministries
  • Missionaries Larry and Katie Winckles
  • Missionaries Tim and Lily Kinkead

Total budget plus mission goal: $343,597